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At PronoKal Group we have based the development of all our methods, products and services on research. From researching and developing new treatment methods and expanding the product range, offering high-quality natural products in all our protocols, to the development of new services.

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Our commitment to R&D is our commitment to efficacy, safety and excellence



We undertake research so that the treatments and products we offer will respond to your specific health needs. We are committed to offering you methods, products and services with efficacy proven in scientific studies, and always complying with local and international regulations.


This commitment is achieved on two levels:

  • Products: made from high-quality raw materials from natural sources, and which have followed an exhaustive traceability process that allows their constant monitoring throughout the production chain.

  • Protocols: Our treatments are designed, prescribed and applied by doctors and specialised health professionals, providing safety guarantees to all our patients.
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Commitment to Excellence

The Department of Excellence of Pronokal Group was created specifically to ensure this commitment to excellence, present across the company: from the correct application of the method, sale of products and updated training of all employees and collaborators with the company, to the guarantee of high-quality material in all the countries in which we are present.

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