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Dr Bazire joined the company in January 2018,
having specialised in the dietary treatment of obesity for many years. Dedicated to the healthy treatment of obesity, and the prevention or resolution of obesity-related disease, he has a particular interest in diabetes and the metabolic disturbances associated with obesity.


Education and experience

Having graduated from University College Hospital in London and worked in the NHS, Dr Bazire moved to Spain. In the early 1990s, he took up a General and Digestive Tract Surgery residency at Madrid's La Paz Hospital. He was part of a bariatric surgery team in Spain when this type of surgery was first introduced in the country.

Dr Bazire studied nutrition and longevity in a Master's degree from Madrid's Complutense University, before setting up his own practice in the Spanish city of Zamora. There, he advised patients about nutrition for weight management, as well as carrying out surgical and aesthetic procedures.

Now based in London, he continues to focus on the treatment of obesity, the promotion of healthy diets and lifestyles, and the prevention of obesity-related medical conditions. He is a member of several health-focused organisations, including The Nutrition Society, the World Obesity Federation and the European Association for the Study of Obesity.

Role with PronoKal UK

In addition to being the company's medical director, Dr Bazire has:

  • Acted as an International Scientific Advisor in the field of metabolism and obesity
  • Provided training in PronoKal's dietary weight-management methods
  • Trained doctors in the digitalisation of weight management
  • Been a PronoKal Genomics programme trainer, introducing doctors to the concept of genetic assessments for the treatment of obesity.

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