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Free Consultation

Request a call back to learn more about the programme and to discover if the programme would be a good fit for your goals. Completely free call with no obligation to sign up.


How It Works
Three simple steps

Our programmes are medically supervised, using a healthy, very low-calorie keto diet with exercise and coaching, leading to rapid results and safe results, with protection against muscle loss. Free long-term follow-up helps you keep the weight off.


1 Free Consultation

Consultation by Zoom or telephone, completely free. Free virtual or telephone consultation, we want to understand your goals and your special circumstances and to explain how PronoKal can help you.


2 Doctor & Nutritionist

We undertake a medical assessment and provide a personalised diet plan using a wide range of PronoKal meals (which won’t leave you feeling hungry!).


3 Start Reaching Your Goal

You will have a dedicated doctor and nutrition specialist who will help you start progressing quickly and safely, with no rebound effect and two years' aftercare. Scientifically proven results.

A great team of professionals to help you achieve your goal!

What Is The PronoKal Method?

  • Medically supervised treatment that combines diet, exercise and coaching.
  • A personalised, very low-calorie ketogenic diet, with the correct amount of protein to prevent muscle loss.
  • Initially, you will combine PronoKal products with vegetables, and progressively introduce the different food groups. 
  • You will have a personalised physical activity programme with advice from a personal trainer.
  • You will start seeing a difference within the first few days and you will feel full of energy without feeling hungry.
  • Our guidance to a renewed relationship with food, to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle.

How PronoKal Compares

Backed by more than 25 scientific studies

Traditional Diets

Frustratingly slow results


25% of the weight loss is due to muscle loss


Rebound effect once the diet is over


In some cases, unhealthy and monotonous


Pronokal Diet

You’ll begin seeing results within the first few days


95% of weight loss is due to fat loss. Muscle is protected


Dietary re-education and coaching: maintain your results


Healthy diet with healthy lifestyle habits and physical activity


Enjoyable Meals

Wide range of meals to choose from during the programme


A Team Of Professionals
Available At All Times

Doctors, nutrition specialists and personal trainers will help you reach your goal quickly, effectively and healthily.

Group of doctors

They Have Achieved It

Some of our patients and doctors share their experience and opinions of the PronoKal Method

 Dr Jesus and Domingo

Dr Jesus and Domingo

"I did the method four years ago and I am still at a healthy weight"

 Dr Adelina and Jordi

Dr Adelina and Jordi

"I ended up weighing 104 kg and that's when I knew I had to do something"

 Dr Jordi and Begoña

Dr Jordi and Begoña

"I was trapped in a body that I did not identify with"

Pronokal Stats

world map


Countries throughout the world



Patients we have helped



Doctors who put their trust in our protocols and methods every day

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