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Being overweight can cause fertility issues in both men and women. So, if a couple is trying to conceive, a joint weight loss programme not only increases your chances of conceiving but also fosters support, as you can motivate each other. Switching to our very low calorie, ketogenic rapid weight loss programme could, therefore, help you to achieve your dreams of starting a family the healthier way.

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Weight and fertility in men

There is a direct connection between male obesity and low fertility rates. Overweight men are likely to have lower levels of testosterone, meaning that they produce fewer and lower-quality sperm. A lack of testosterone can also cause erectile dysfunction and reduce sex drive.

There is a greater likelihood of miscarriage or stillbirth in cases where the father is obese.

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Weight and fertility in women

Being overweight can disrupt the levels of sex hormones in women's bodies, and the way that these hormones are stored. Research has suggested that this effect could be caused by insulin-resistance, a condition that is common in people who are overweight. Both insulin-resistance and changes to the production and storage of sex hormones can make it more difficult to conceive.

Some women face additional fertility issues because they suffer from polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). PCOS can cause women to become overweight; however, being overweight in the first place can also exacerbate the condition, making it harder for women to lose weight and to conceive.

Weight doesn't just affect a woman’s ability to get pregnant naturally. Women are also less likely to conceive through IVF treatment if they are overweight or obese.

How PronoKal can help

Losing weight helps both men and women improve their chances of conceiving a baby, and PronoKal's PnK Method provides more benefits than standard calorie-counting diet plans.

Our programme centres around a very low calorie keto diet, which will help you lose weight faster and more effectively than most diet plans, without impacting your health or energy levels. This means you could get your family started earlier or be better prepared for your next IVF cycle. Keto diets have also been proven to reduce insulin resistance, something which can improve fertility in both sexes.

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