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You will be overseen by a multidisciplinary team throughout the process, with medical supervision and unlimited support from your PronoKal Nutritionist at every stage, giving you peace of mind, ongoing support, and encouragement.

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The programme

The central part of the PnK plan is a very low calorie, ketogenic diet plan that promotes rapid weight loss. It does this by inducing a metabolic change in the body which reactivates the fat-burning process. We combine this with an exercise programme that is focussed on resistance training and ongoing support from experts, to give you the best chance of reaching your weight-loss goal.

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Our products

As part of your diet plan, you'll take our protein-based meals and supplements, which will ensure you get all the nutrients that you need. Supporting your protein intake in this way prevents your body from losing muscle instead of fat. Our meals contain a unique patented ingredient with anti-inflammatory properties which fights lipoinflammation and thus helps you access and burn the fat stored within your cells.

In the first phase of the programme, you'll rely on our products and specific vegetables to get the nutrition that you need, with very few calories. As you go through the programme, you’ll gradually replace your PronoKal products with specific foods. Finally, we will guide your reintroduction of all the food groups to develop a healthy, varied diet based on your preferences and that will help you maintain a stable weight going forward.

Guidance and support

When you lose weight with us, our experts will be available to assist you every step of the way. Before you start, our doctors will perform a medical consultation and conduct a number of tests to make sure that the PnK Method is suitable for you. You will then be able to access unlimited nutritional advice from our team of nutritionists.

Your nutritionist will discuss many dietary issues with you, from ideal portion sizes to macro- and micronutrients, giving you the knowledge you need to lead a healthier life. And when you've reached your target, we'll be on hand to help you maintain your weight and achieve your fitness and lifestyle goals.

We have doctors in many areas for face-to-face consultations, or you can access our medical, dietary, and motivational advice online or by video conference.

group of doctors

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